What Not to Miss in Your Naxos Excursions!

If you have never been to Naxos, it’s time to plan a trip now! While it is one of the most famous Cycladic islands in Greece, it is really a surprising fact that many people around the world are still unaware of the beauty and attraction hidden in this lovely gift of nature called the Naxos. Naxos has got lovely natural landscapes, crystal clear beaches, historic villages and much more that you might have ever imagined for an adventurous and exciting trip. If you wish to experience pure happiness during your Naxos excursions, we tell you what you actually need to do so that you don’t miss a thing!

Visit the famous Naxos spots –When we visit any new place, we should make sure to go to its famous tourist spots. This is so because these spots surely carry some unique and attractive feature in it and that’s why they are worth visiting. Some of the most attractive spots that you need to cover during your Naxos excursions include the following and yet many more!

  • Byzantine church
  • Galanado
  • Bellonias tower
  • Archaeological Museum

Explore the unique ancient villages of Naxos–Those who love visiting places with rich history attached to them, Naxos can be a beautiful choice. The chief villages of Naxos include the Koronos, Filoti, Agios, Arsenios, VivlosandApiranthos. These villages have their own historic tales and you would surely get thrilled when you actually visit these ancient villages. You can also wander in the Chora area which is the Naxos town. The ancient temples, the cobbled streets and the alluring historic sites will take you into an entirely new ambience which you would have never seen before.

Visit the nearby islands – While Naxos is full of beauty and multiple attractions, there is still much more to offer to the visitors in form of the nearby islands. The Mykonos and the Paros Islands are a must-see for every visitor.

Enjoy the sailing boats – Your Naxos excursions remain absolutely incomplete without sailing! Enjoy the lovely waters with the best quality, stylish and comfortable sailing boats. Sailing through the amazing water among scenic surroundings will give you one of the most cherished experiences of your life.

Get engrossed in the beautiful and exciting hiking at Naxos–You can take help of professionals while deciding and following the hiking paths in Naxos. There are multiple adventurous and interesting hiking paths in Naxos and they surely form an indispensable part of Naxos excursions. One of the most famous hiking paths at Naxos is the path from Kinidarosto the village of Eggares. Whether you choose this hiking path or some other, you would love to witness the natural beauty surrounding these areas. You can also opt for walking tours and examine nature even more closely in Naxos.

Include all the above activities in your Naxos excursions and savour your valuable moments! Get details of affordable Naxos tours and excursions at ‘Naxos Rent a Boat’.