Super Picks of Superfood – Take a Quick Glance

Have you heard about the term superfood? We are sure you must have surely heard about it or read about it sometime, somewhere. But those who do not know let us tell you that there is no single pick when it comes to superfood! And if some of you have been thinking as to what superfoods are, we are here to tell you. Superfoods are simply those food items which provide comparatively better and larger positive results on one’s health. Actually, the word called ‘superfood’ came into existence for the marketing strategies of food sectors. Today, the health conscious people and health instructors talk about superfood and many people across the world choose their food items based on their superfood value. Let us now take quick glance at the most prevalent superfoods.

  1. Superfood – The Nuts

Do you eat nuts? If not, start eating them now as we tell you about the goodness of nuts. Be it almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins, hazelnuts or some other nuts, they are a wonderful source of various minerals and proteins. Having few of these nuts everyday gives you the right amount of nutrition and energy for your body so that you keep going on in life in a happy and healthy way. But it is also important to mention that nuts should be consumed only in a limited amount, especially, when you are eating them in a regular basis. The excess eating can create problems for your body.


  1. Refreshing Berries

Fall in love with juicy and tempting berries! They are not only good in taste but also provide you lot of health benefits. Loaded with multivitamins, minerals and other good things, the berries are a great source of energy also. The citrus taste of these berries ensures better and stronger immunity in your body. Also, these berries are great for anyone who wants younger looking and flawless skin. So when you eat the red strawberries or the blueberries next time remind yourself of the associated benefits and remember that they are packed with multiple advantages including antioxidants that help you stay young and energetic for a longer duration.


  1. Fish, the Super Healthy Superfood–Of all the non-vegetarian items, if we talk about the healthiest ones, then fish is the right answer. The reason is that fishes have omega-3 content in them which is very good for our body, especially for our heart. Thus, people who are conscious about the health of their heart should try to eat fish whenever it comes to eating the non-veg items. You also get a good amount of protein when you eat fish. Some of the best fish to eat include salmon, herring and more!


  1. Fresh and Healthy Green Vegetables–Be it about the superfood or about the general healthy foods, the green vegetables always need to be mentioned. In fact, our list of healthy food will remain totally incomplete if we do not include green vegetables in that list. The green leafy vegetables are counted in the list of best superfoods. You find lot of minerals and vitamins including iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, fibre and yet many more things in dark green vegetables. You should develop the habit of eatinggreen vegetables on a regular basis. Eating these vegetables will help you fetch benefits of good digestion, healthy heart, stronger immunity and better levels of energy.


  1. One of the Best Oils – The Olive Oil

There is an oil that can always be counted in the list of superfoods and you guessed it right! It is the olive oil. The fact why this oil is considered healthy and better than rest of the oils is that it contains great amounts of vitamin as well as that of fatty acids (monounsaturated). This simply means that your heart remains healthy when you include olive oil in your diet or say, when you replace the other cooking oils with olive oil. The olive oil can be used in a variety of ways including salad dressing, spreads and more.


  1. Refreshing Green Tea

If you are fond of drinking tea, you should try drinking the one that is healthy and beneficial. The best tea in this reference is the green tea which gives a nice aroma and multiple health benefits too. Moreover, preparing this tea takes just 2-3 minutes. The green tea contains antioxidants and saves you from many risky health conditions including the high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and more.


  1. The Goodness of Whole Grains – .

If you have ever visited the rural areas of your country, you must have always noticed a fact that the village people are often healthier than the urban people. The main reason is that these village people prefer eating whole grains. The whole grains ensure providing rich amounts of fibre, minerals and vitamins to our bodies. If you want to stay protected from chronic heart conditions, eating whole grains in a limited amount is must for you. You can include the whole grains in any of your three major meals including breakfast, lunch or dinner.


  1. Forever Hit Eggs

Eat them in a boiled form or fry them on a pan, they taste fabulous and are packed with high amounts of protein and calcium. Yes! You have once again guessed this superfood right! The eggs! Eggs are a high protein diet and should be consumed by everyone. Though, the amount of consumption may vary depend upon your health and age. Eggs are especially good for the growing kids and for adults who are involved in lot of physical activities.


  1. Yummy and Healthy Yogurt

Always keep a bowl of yogurt in your plate of meal. Yogurt is a good and significant superfood that is easily available. It contains the right presence of fine bacteria in it that are good for our health. You get protein and calcium from this superfood called yogurt. The best part about yogurt is that you can eat it in many different ways. You can eat it plain. You can mix fruits with it or you can simply use it as a dressing for salad. Enjoy this superfood in different flavours and maintain your health in a tasty way.


  1. The Good and Sizzling Garlic–Quite few people must be aware of the fact that garlic is also a superfood as it contains vitamins and ability to reduce cholesterol. You can include garlic in many recipes and boost the health factor of your food.