Get to Know about World’s Most Popular Food Items

Cheesy Sandwiches – The dripping and soft cheese with combo of breads

Ask anybody about the top five quick and tasty foods and you will surely notice that cheese sandwiches are mentioned quite frequently. The foremost reason behind the forever hit popularity of these sandwiches is that they can be prepared in just few minutes. Moreover, you just need bread and cheese for making these lovely sandwiches. Needless to mention that you also need a grill, if you want to have the grilled sandwiches! However, these sandwiched can also be roasted through other household items using a simple toaster or likewise. The cheese is placed inside the two slices of bread and then the whole combo is being roasted so that the bread becomes crispy and the cheese gets melted. Prepare a cheesy sandwich for you at any cold night of winter and enjoy its lovely aroma and taste along with a hot cup of coffee! You will feel blessed!

Lasagna – The delicious pasta

Visit the top restaurants or hotels of the world and you will get delighted to find a variety of lasagne dishes and recipes. If, in case, you are not exactly aware of what lasagne is, let us tell you that lasagne is just a form of pasta. The fact about lasagne is that it’s dough is first flattened into thin sheets and then it is cut into thin strips. Of all the various lasagne recipes found around the world, the BolognesiLasagna is considered as the tastiest and most popular. That is the reason why most of the people often order for BolognesiLasagna.

Waffles – The mouth-watering cakes

Gaufres are commonly known as the waffles. Hailing from the Belgian cuisine, the gaufers are considered tempting and sumptuous. These waffles or gaufers are prepared from a variety of dough in terms of their consistency. Again, if you do not know about gaufers or waffles, let us tell you that they are yummy cakes that have a beautiful squared pattern on them. The reason for the same is that they are baked on a check-pattern iron structure which creates squared pattern on these cakes. The interesting fact about the waffles is that they are in use since a long time but they became popular after nineteen sixty. The waffles or gaufers come in a variety of flavours including the fruit waffles, vanilla waffles, strawberry waffles, chocolate waffles and more. Once you start eating a waffle, you can’t ignore the temptation of licking your fingers.

Hakka Noodles – The awesome combination of noodles and veggies

You must have surely tasted the very famous hakka noodles. While a wide variety of noodles is served all across the globe, the hakka noodles are the ones that remain always in demand. This noodle dish hails from China and its taste is finger licking! The hakka noodles are prepared from the dough that has not been left overnight. The noodles and veggies are fried and mixed with few spices to create this yummy dish

Pilaf – The tasty rice dish

People who are a big fan of international rice dishes must be surely aware of the dish called ‘Pilaf’. It is an awesome and tempting rice dish with various other tasty ingredients including broken wheat, various types of meaty items, cashew, almonds, raisins, veggies and more. You can have a Pilaf either as a part of your meal or as a full meal. The Pilaf dish has come from the Middle East cuisine and is served at various parts of the world. It is flavourful and alluring.

Falafel – The sumptuous crispy balls 

Falafel dish has arrived from Israel. These are tasty and crispy balls that are made from the chickpeas. However, on an international scenario, you can find a variety of falafel wherein the chickpea gets replaced from other ingredients. These balls are served with different sauces and dips and are garnished beautifully using a variety of vegetables and several more items. Lot of spices are used in the making of these falafel balls and they are served in a superb way so that you get a sumptuous appearance of the dish.

Makizushi – The flavourful rolls of sushi

You must have often noticed the sushi dishes in many movies or must have heard about it at many places. As all of us know that sushi is directly associated with Japan, the Makizushi is also an amazing recipe from Japan only as it contains sushi. Makizushi is simple the roll of sushi. These yummy sushi rolls consisting of rice, spices and other ingredients are loved by people who are in love with the Japanese cuisine. The rice in these sushi rolls give a slightly citrus flavour and the taste of sushi simply enhances the whole flavour of makizushi. The dish is recommended for those who love the awesome combination of rice and fish. So next time when you go to a Japanese restaurant, do not forget to try the highly flavourful Makizushi dish.

Tortas – The highly tempting and delicious sandwiches

When we are talking about the best and most popular foods of the world, we cannot ever leave sandwiches behind! And when it is about sandwiches, the one name that hits the list is the tortas from Mexico. They look lovely and taste sumptuous. These are actually the old style sandwiches of Mexico which are in use since a long time. The fillings of these tortas consist of a wide variety including the fresh beans, green and leafy vegetables, chopped mutton, baked or fried meaty items, cabbage and yet many more! One of the most interesting fact about tortas is that it can be found both on the colourful food canopies/stalls or posh restaurants of Mexico. You can also get the tortas at famous eat-outs around the world. The next interesting fact about tortas that is worth mentioning is that they are served both warm and at a cool temperature too,. Both ways they look and taste delightful.

Try these yummy and famous dishes and admire the taste of international cuisines!