Get Refreshed with the Most Popular yet Common Drinks around the World

When the sun is high and the days are hot, all you need is a refreshing drink that quenches your thirst in a tasty way! Just imagine the scene further thinking you are on a beachside or poolside, relaxing and holding a long sleek glass of chilled drink that smells with fresh mint and lemon and tastes sweet and a little sour! No matter you will instantly desire to gulp it down to your gut. However, sipping it slowly will let you enjoy your drink for a longer period of time. Cool and tasty drinks are coveted by millions of people worldwide. Though, at present, there is an extensive range available when we talk about the drinks, it is important and interesting to discuss that which drinks are common yet exciting and popular around the world. Would you like to know about such refreshing, common and in-demand drinks? If Yes, start checking out the same below:

Lemonade – When talking about the most refreshing, most easily prepared, most famous and tastiest drinks, lemonade surely acquires the top ranks! The foremost reason is that lemonade can be prepared at home in no time! Just squeeze some lemons, add sugar and water and fill your tumbler with ice cubes. The lemonade is ready to be gulped down! Lemonade can be served in few interesting styles with the most common one as the slice of lemon fixed at the edge of glass along with some mint leaves floating on the surface of your lemonade drink. Most importantly, lemonade is considered as the top refreshing drink and it instantly makes you feel energetic. The sour and sweet combo creates a wonderful flavour and works great to stimulate our taste buds.

Watermelon smoothie – The next in our list of tasty, common and refreshing drinks is the watermelon smoothie. Having a watermelon smoothie after a workout or during any stressed hours and in hot sunny days works like bliss. It gives you energy, taste and the required hydration for your body. The most interesting part is that watermelon smoothie can be prepared in few different styles. For example, you can prepare the plain watermelon smoothie or can blend it with strawberries. You can even include yogurt, lime juice and sliced almonds while blending your watermelon for a smoothie.

Mango shakes–This one should surely come at the top if only taste is concerned! The yummy ripe mangoes are first peeled off, cut into pieces and then blended in a jar along with a little sugar and milk. Later on, the ice cubes are also included and just after that the mango drink comes before you, inviting you towards itself, waiting to be simply gulped down in just one go! The mango drink tastes great! Ask those who love in hot areas what mango drinks mean to them and they will simply say that life is incomplete without mango drinks! Such is the value of this cool and refreshing drink. And yes, if you wish you can also replace the milk with yogurt or curd to give a slightly more sour taste to your mango drink.

Strawberry and cake smoothie–This strawberry and cake smoothie must surely be a favourite of many! The fresh juicy strawberries are blended with pieces of cake to prepare a nice chilled drink that tastes like a fruit cake. Adding the vanilla powder, soy milk, almonds and oats to this smoothieenhance the healthiness and richness of this drink. It tastes great and can be prepared in few different ways. All you need is to put all ingredients together in the blender and run the blender until you get a smooth smoothie!

Ice Tea – The ice tea has a beautiful golden yellow colour and it can be prepared with several ways. Even you can invent your own style of making ice tea at home. However, the much prevalent styles include the basic black and gree iced teas. For a twist you can try the lemon, basil leaves, ginger and few other things for your ice tea. The ice tea works as a superb drink and get prepared easily when made through traditional styles. If you add lemon or other things for flavour in the ice tea, you ought to leave the ingredients in a Mason jar or cup for few hours so that your tea gets the required flavours.

Orange juice – The orange juice is yet another drink that is considered highly refreshing and healthy. However, you would be surprised to know that there are many people who does not consider orange juice to be as healthy as it is often quoted! Anyway, orange juice contains loads of vitamin C and potassium also which work great for your health, mood and mind. Skipping the sugar from this juice makes it even healthier. Orange juice is a wonderful option for people who want beautiful skin and healthy hair.

Pineapple shake – Summers remain incomplete without pineapple shakes and drinks. If you are a fan of pineapple, you try the plain pineapple juice which tastes yummy and makes you feel cool and refreshed. If you want a more wholesome feeling with pineapple, you can try the pineapple shake. You can prepare the nice looking and highly flavourful pineapples shakes using milk, almond slices, a bit of sugar or honey and blend them together with cut, chopped pieces of fresh pineapple. In no time, your drink will be ready!

Strawberry vanilla shake –The last in our list is strawberry and a vanilla shake but in no way this shake is lesser than the others! In fact, this is one of the extremely tasty drinks that comes with a luxurious look. This shake can be prepared using the vanilla flavoured ice cream and blending it together with strawberry. These are the basic ingredients for preparing this shake. However, if you do not have ice cream, you can try milk and few drops of vanilla essence to get a vanilla touch in your strawberry shake.

Make your own drinks and keep enjoying them!