Best, Interesting & Weird Facts about Foods

All of us eat food but how many of us know about the interesting facts associated with them? Well, we are sure, very few among us must be aware of the associated facts with foods. If you want to take a funny and interesting ride on interesting facts related to food, just stay with us and get ready for some food fun as we share with you some of the weird and interesting food facts!

What does the expiry date on water bottles mean?

You must have surely noticed expiry date on packed water bottles. But do you know that this expiry date has no relevance with the water that is packed inside the bottle? Well, the expiry date is actually about the bottle made of plastic. This plastic may get expired with time and can add chemicals to the water affecting its taste up to some extent. So the point is the water bottle may get expired but the water doesn’t!

Does chocolate has any other use than eating?

Well, we all love eating chocolates but do you know that chocolates were once used as currency also? Historians have mentioned that chocolate was used as currency during the ancient times in the regions of Mexico. However, the chocolate of that time must have remained a lot different in appearance from what we see today!

Do you know what honey actually is? 

Spread the honey or bread slice or mix it in your drink to make it healthy. Honey is considered as one good natural food items that never expire! But do you have any idea what honey actually is? Well, the honey is simply the regurgitation of honey bees. Bees collect the nectar from flowers and store it in their tiny tummies. While they reach their nests, they spit out the stored nectar which is nothing but honey!

Why do some biscuits have holes?

You must have surely noticed holes in various kinds of biscuits. If you have been thinking till now that these holes are created just for the purpose of design, think again! In fact, these holes are created deliberately so that air bubbles do not spoil the food products.

Does the taste of food items change when we are in the flight?

If you said no, just think again! Well, the food taste surely gets changed during our journey through modes of air transport. This is so because our body releases certain chemicals when we are at high altitudes. So the fact is that the food remains same but we get a different taste!

Why the Pound Cake is Called So?

In the past, the pound cakes were made using an equal amount of ingredients which was one pound for each ingredient. This is the reason why the pound cake was named so! Isn’t that Interesting?

Why Do Gummy Candies Shine?

Gummy candies always impress us with their colours and sheen. If you do not know why these candies shine so much, let us help you out with that. Well, these candies get colour from the artificial food colouring agents and the shine is created using the wax. If you do not believe us, next time when you get to eat gummy candies, try to scratch the upper layer gently. You will then believe us!

Nutmeg can make you hallucinate

Hallucination is simply the process when your mind makes you see things that actually do not exist. When you eat nutmeg in huge amount, it can create changes in your mind and can make you experience the process of hallucination.

Does music affect your mood of eating or drinking?

Listening to music and enjoying it is a favourite hobby of many among us. But do you know music can also affect your eating and drinking ways? It has been noticed that people start eating or drinking quickly when the volume of music is turned high!

Which is the most stolen common food?

You would be surprised to know the answer of this one! It is cheese! Yes! Cheese has been noticed as one of those foods which are stolen every now and then around the world.

Ancient workers used to get vegetables as their daily wedges

There was once a time when vegetables did not only make tasty foods but they were also used as currency. Historians report that during the past times, vegetables were often used as daily wedges for the workers in different parts of the world.

How to choose the ripened and juicy cranberries?

Ripe and juicy cranberries are loved by all of us. But do you know how to choose the best ones? Well, the ripe and juicy cranberries will bounce when dropped on the floor. So next time, when you are in the supermarket for buying good cranberries, just drop them on the ground and observe whether they bounce or not! You can pick the ones that bounce if you want to pick juicy ones! However, the ripened cranberries, like every other fruit, should be consumed in a day or two else they will get ruined.

French Fries are not exactly from France?

Ask the kids and they will tell you how much they love munching on the French fries. However, the adults also love it equally! But the French fries as we call them today have nothing to do with France. They actually originated in Belgium.

Which is one vegetable that can be found in different colours?

Cauliflower is that one vegetable which can be found in various alluring shades. Though the most common colour for cauliflower is the white shade, this vegetable can also be found in greenish, purple and orange hues too! So when you come across a cauliflower with a different colour other than white next time, do not get doubtful!

We hope, you must have surely enjoyed the above interesting and bizarre facts related to food. If you have any such fact in your mind, just share it with us and we will be glad to know about the same!