Road Trip from Bombay to Goa – A Mesmerizing Vacation Mode

It takes a long time for people to plan their vacations especially when they don’t know which place to choose for. I have seen many people planning a lot of stuff but at the end they just cancel the idea and drop all the possible locations in a minute. Well, this is really not an appreciated stuff but if you can read out for what experts say – don’t waste your time in planning a trip, just put the car on engine and start your journey. So, this indicates that you should always be ready to explore new destinations and spend quality time in discovering the beauty of Mother Nature. Now, if you will ask me this question, mine answer will be a big yes. I am a holiday girl and love to move to new places to explore each and every possible tourist locations. I will even share one of my best trips so far with you all so that you too can plan for this as soon as possible and see how beautiful life is and how you can turn it much better with such trips.

When we talk about Goa, all what comes in our mind is fun, food and starry nights. You can resist the fun that people do in this amazing state and this is the reason why every year huge number of people come here to spend their vacations with their family and loved ones. well, mine was a road trip from Bombay to Goa and it was indeed a very special and exciting journey of my trips.

We were four people, me and my three flat mates. We had an advantage that my dad had left his car with us and so we decided to drive rather than going from other source. It was a total fun. We just left from our place early as we really wished to escape from the heavy morning traffic in Bombay. It was around 11to 14 hours journey and we had kept all necessary things with ourselves. We took the Mumbai to Panvel flyover that gave us a signal free drive and then it was NH-17 that heads towards Goa. The road is quiet good and the weather was awesome. There was pleasant breeze around and birds were singing early morning songs. If you are a bird lover then you can spend some time at Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is a dwelling place for more than approximately 160 bird species that includes Red-Vented Bulbuls, Drongos and paradise Flycatchers.  We too went there and after driving for next 2 hours, we stopped at a nearby tea stall to refresh ourselves. When you are on this route just try the tea available at roadside tea stalls – you will really get the best one here.

We were just about to reach a famous place called – Ratnagiri – a famous halt for all road heros. You will get magnificent views here and Ghats of the famous river – Vashishti. You can stop here for a while before reaching to your destination. This place is known for producing the best quality mangoes that are exported to different countries. Well, when you are here you can get these mangoes at best rates. After leaving Ratnagiri, you will reach to Sawantwadi that has a two hour stretch towards the Goa border.

Now, you can slow down your vehicle as you have landed at your destination. You can enjoy great time at the beaches like Baga Beach, Candolium Beach and others. You can shop a lot of stuff from the flea market at unbelievable rates. One thing to mention her is that it’s a tax free state so you just don’t have to worry about the budget.  You can even visit the famous club – Titos as you can even meet some of your favorite Bollywood stars here.

So, if you are planning a trip this weekend, just make sure that you have Goa on the top in the list. I am  sure that you will have complete fun on this trip.