5 Places You Must Visit To Fall In Love With Delhi

Delhi is full of stories. It speaks about the times that have gone and even about the time which will come.  One way leading to another, it is a place where things come alive. Hordes of people barging in and out lost in their own world. Just like a movie, everything rolls perfectly. 

Delhi is one such place where you can find smooth as silk roads, the mighty high street lamps, and the showering trees by the streets. It is everything that accounts for being beautiful. This union territory is blanketed by Haryana on three sides and Uttar Pradesh on one side. It is also the capital of the subcontinent India. Stretching for across 1,484 square kilometers and accommodating 18.6 million people as of 2016, this place is truly magical. It is true, Delhi is all about fantastic tourist spots builds ages ago.

India gate

My first stop in the city was the ravishing India Gate. Situated in the middle of an array of street lights, the gate shined like an ethereal building. This memorial built for the martyrs of World War I was constructed back in 1931. There is a lush green garden surrounding the entire premise where people flock in numbers to have little picnics throughout the day. During October to March, the place gets even more pleasant to visit. 

Connaught Place

Connaught Place is another beauty which is around the corner. The white color of the building, little hints of English architecture, and the modern-day globalization of these couple of buildings call upon the olden times. Obviously, minus the globalization. One could find everything here. From book stalls to some really lip-smacking restaurants, CP has it all.


If you are a shopping buff like me then this is just the place for you. Only a few kilometers ahead lie Janpat. One could easily turn riches to rags here because of the beautiful options that one finds here. The variants of clothes, accessories, all of it present in simple narrow lanes.  People who are enthusiastic about clothes, fashion bloggers, models, stars flock to this market on a daily basis. If you don’t want to spend some grands in H&M then Janpat is your match. You will find rip-offs of every brand there.

Qutab Minar

Once you explore more you will find the enormously tall Qutub Minar which is just one of the examples of our rich ancestral history. Named after a Sufi saint, the minaret has about 379 steps in the form a spiral staircase. Firoz Shah Tughlaq replaced the old top floor with three new ones when it got destroyed by a lightning strike. Today the minar stands tall as one of the most striking tourist spots in Delhi.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is a magnificent example of architectural marvel. It cost him a whopping amount of I million rupees. Even today, the masjid can accommodate 25,000 people which is really impressive. This mosque used to be a royal mosque until the Mughal period came to an end. Visited by worshippers all over the world, Jama Masjid is truly the heart of Delhi. The beauty, the architecture, and even the brotherhood speak to the people.

Such is the beauty of Delhi. It is not merely a place, but a story.